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Learning about Islam (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Learning about Islam (Revised and Expanded Edition)

$ 10.99

The Islamic Foundation of North America, In Conjunction with Noorart, presents Learning about Islam, a Textbook of Islamic Studies. Perfect for student of Religion in grades 4-6, this textbook covers all the major themes of this Belief system including doctrines, the History of Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, Prophets revered in Islam, Muslim history, art and civilization, literature, the five pillars of the faith and every life in Islam. Beautiful text and engaging graphics make learning about Islam engrossing for young students. This textbook is part of the reading for comprehension series of Islamic studies primes and is sure to challenge and engage students with age appropriate material and imaginative exercises. Designed for use in parochial schools, weekend schools and home setting, this book will enrich the knowledge of both young and old alike.

  • Islamic beliefs and practices
  • Qur'an and Haddith
  • Sirah of Prophet Muhammad (s)
  • Caliphate
  • Islamic history
  • Islamic art, poetry and literature
  • Famous Muslim personalities