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About Us

Color Quran ~ The Book of Allah

The Holy Quran- a perfect gift that keeps giving back. It is a guidance, a mercy for humanity, and the book of Shifa (healing). ColorQuran offers a variety of Qurans with color-coded tajweed prints that helps all students of the Quran to read with perfection. With color-coded prints, the reader is easily able to recognize the letters that require expanded vocalization, echo and nazalation. 

We have different font types, font sizes, translations, transliteration, covers, and other qualities that facilitates the reader in reading the most beneficial book. 

* Give yourself, friends and loved ones the best quality print Qurans.

* Donate to schools or a masjid and be the recipient of the continuous reward given by Allah for whoever teaches or facilitates another students of the Holy Quran with also get reward. 

A complete list is available at www.ColorQuran.com Please inquire and place your order by phone or email: (925)529-1990 / ColorQuran@gmail.com 

Wholesale prices are available in bulk, for retailers, schools and Masjids. 

We want customer satisfaction. Please call or email us for answers to your questions or give us feedback about your experience on www.ColorQuran.com