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Al-AHKAF  LAST FIVE JUZU  IN ONE (Juz 26-30) (17X24cm) / (7"X9")

Al-AHKAF LAST FIVE JUZU IN ONE (Juz 26-30) (17X24cm) / (7"X9")

$ 5.95 


This product contains 5 parts (juzu) of the Tajweed Quran (parts 26, 27, 28, 29, 30), which starts from surah "Al-Ahkaf " to  sura "An-Nas".

Considering that this book contains small suras; this item is a perfect start  for kids, beginners and memorizers.

This product comes in the standard portrait form, combining the five parts with a nice glossy soft cover. Each page contains 15 lines as any standard Quran, with an interpretation of selected words placed on the margins on every page.


SKU 978-9933-423-55-1
Weight 0.20 kg
Size: 7"x9"
Cover: Softcover
Narration: Hafs
Script: Obvious Script (Spaced out, with extra spaces at optional stops)
Indexes: Quran words Index
ISBN: 978-9933-423-55-1
Publisher: Dar Al Ma'arifa - Beirut, Lebanon
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