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We Are Muslims 1 (Audio CD)

We Are Muslims 1 (Audio CD)

$ 13.99

The best-selling tape for little Muslims worldwide! You'll be amazed how quickly your little ones will know the basics of Islam when they are set to these catchy tunes and popular Nursery Rhymes. You'll find yourself singing along! Written and produced by a professional musician and sung by real Muslim kids!

13 songs including:
  1. We are Muslims (Lyrics)
  2. The Creator (Lyrics)
  3. Little Star (Lyrics)
  4. Stand Up for Islam (Lyrics)
  5. Holy Qur'an (Lyrics)
  6. Say Shahada (Lyrics)
  7. Wudu (Lyrics)
  8. Five Pillars (Lyrics)
  9. The Messenger (Lyrics)
  10. Muhammad(s) (Lyrics)
  11. Hajj (Lyrics)
  12. Love Allah (Lyrics)
  13. Allah is Everywhere (Lyrics)