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We Are Muslims 2 (Audio CD)

We Are Muslims 2 (Audio CD)

$ 13.99

  We Are Muslims 2 features more great songs in the style of the original but goes into more detail about each pillar of Islam. Great when your little ones are too big for Barney but still like to sing! These great songs travel well, too. Got a cranky little one in the back seat? Pop in this tape and they magically settle down.

  1. Pillars of Islam (Lyrics)
  2. Salah (Lyrics)
  3. Thikr (Lyrics)
  4. Ramadan (Lyrics)
  5. Eid Mubarak (Lyrics)
  6. Birthday (Lyrics)
  7. Bismillah (Lyrics)
  8. Shaitan (Lyrics)
  9. Dua (Lyrics)
  10. Zakat (Lyrics)
  11. Only One (Lyrics)