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We Love Muhammad (With Music, Audio CD)

We Love Muhammad (With Music, Audio CD)

$ 11.99

This is the first in the series of CDs that tells the story of Prophet Muhammad’s (s) life in the most creative and appealing style for children. Through dramatic narration, sound effects and songs, sung by our talented "We Are Muslims Kids", parents, teachers and children alike will enjoy learning about the Prophet’s (s) life and applying his sunnah.

Includes 8 Great NEW Songs:
  1. Ya Muhammad
  2. Special Child
  3. Bahira
  4. Great Lady Khadija
  5. Al Amin
  6. The Black Stone
  7. Read
  8. We Love Muhammad (s)
We Love Muhammad has really been a labor of love for the whole company. Two years of careful research combined with our love of Prophet Muhammad (s) and the incomparable story of his life helped us to create the most captivating audio CD to help all Muslim children get to know his extraordinary life and love him. InshaAllah, we hope that each time you listen to this tape, it sends a special salaam to our beloved Prophet(s).